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I assist in illuminating the stepping stones 

on your most desired life path,  

with intuitive counsel and energy work towards healing, self-empowerment, 

and a deeper connection with yourself.  

Each stone touching on a selected modality to provide clarity, peace, discernment and transformation.  

You will receive guidance, light and love for awakening and connecting to your best self along this journey. 

finding and connecting to your very best self

Are you having the sensations of being stuck and need help to feel like yourself again?

Or even that your every day is on REPEAT, doing that same thing but a different day?

Are you on a journey without a map to navigate where you are at or even where you want to go?

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My Journey into Spirituality

Hello, my name is Jenny, I am a mother of four, and I love this spiritual world I was invited into.

When my son was about 7 years old he told me he was hearing and seeing energies of people, asking for help from him.  This was overwhelming, scary, and beyond his scope of understanding.  He was determined to help them however best he could.  Whoa - that was intense - I definitely didn't receive this manual at child birth!

 As his mom I knew it was up to me to bring him the help, answers, and protection that he needed.  

I wasn't sure which direction to take or who to talk to.  I didn't want him judged, and I unsure how to talk about it to others.  I contacted a medium  and set up an appointment for him.  So it began.  The deep dive into the world of spirit, energy and awakening.  


As I learned essential tools and insights I began implementing them in our lives and sharing with my family.  After continuous  sessions with healers and mediums  I began a course in Reiki, then another class on crystals, and another class on energy, and so it continued, class after amazing class......

The flood gates were open now and I was experiencing so much change, enlightenment and a calm sense of direction.  I was guided to connect with others outside of family and friends.  That was really intimidating for me,   like really me?  Oh my gosh that was scary.  The interesting part of this journey though, I was asking for this, out loud to the universe,  for a few years now, to bring me more....I would ask "is this really all life has in store for me?"  It was feeling very routine like and redundant.  Don't get me wrong, I love being a wife and a mother, it's just I was craving more outside of that.  I really had a felt sense that there was something greater out there for me to be apart of.   My son was the conduit, he brought this in for me so I could help guide him and in turn help others that might have a similar situation. 

This journey brought my son, family and myself many rewards and insights along the way.  As I continue to venture on this path I know it to be endless and forever inspiring.  I will continue to cultivate and  share everyday.  

I curated this business to encourage and assist others on their quest for answers,  well-being and awareness,  just as I am.  Namaste'


I understand how difficult it is to search for that special someone to help lift your spirits.  To bring balance and meaning back into your life.  To require results while holding space with love, compassion and honor.  Are you ready to find out what I have to offer?

with multiple modalities to choose from-i have what you need

I will hold that light-and shine it upon your path to healing, freedom, awareness and awakening.

  • 5+ years of energy work and intuitive experience working with clients
  • Multiple Certifications and Licenses 
  • College courses in communications, psychology and business
  • And a multitude of happy clients

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You are worth it!

The time truly is now, so let's explore together what will bring you the best possibilities.  Let's open up the world around you to sense all the abundance and gifts waiting to be received.  Let's write a new story starting today and have the headline read: I said yes to my gifts, to receive enjoyment and bliss, I am worthy of all that is great and good, I am re-born, I am love and compassion.

When you say YES to you-you are creating and being the change for everyone and everything around you.

well, look no further! Reiki Crystal Smudge Sprays


 I certified in the Hibiscus Moon's Advanced Crystal Master class and was instantly passionate about creating crystal smudge sprays for family and friends.  I learned about the layering of energies and the efficiency and high potency these created were unbeatable.

 During my research on herbs, essential oils, crystals and flowers, and how they can assist and harmonize with one another, I created different spray recipes.  

With copious notes and many homemade tinctures I curated 6 crystal smudge sprays with customized waterproof labels.  

I enjoy creating custom sprays and will continue to create special sprays for the month or the seasons.
There is so much love and ceremony placed in curating these crystal smudge sprays. 

  Layered within the sacred sprays are a multitude of high vibration elements.

  • essential oils
  • water collected from sacred sites
  • crystal infused water
  • herb tinctures
  • flower tinctures
  • Reiki infused energies
  • intentions
  • crystal essences  


Looking for a safe replacement to smudging with smoke?  The ability to spray this multiple vibrational energy spray almost anywhere?  Then yes....this is it! 

A product so potent, so powerful and so transformational how could you resit the creation and possibilities it holds within? 

Gift yourself today a way to create a greater quality of life...

I infuse and charge them with the Five Natural Elements of Nature, also,

 programmed with intention and high vibration Reiki energies.

Each of these customized sprays raise the vibration and negative ions when used.  

Neutralizing all unwanted energies and low vibrations.  

Spray any of my custom crystal smudge sprays into the area to purify and cleanse,

increasing the negative ions.

Negative ions are these are odorless, tasteless and invisible molecules inhaled in abundance.  Producing biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical - serotonin,

helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost your daytime energies. 

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Synergy Sensations, LLC


Medicine can be very limiting....

The specialized modalities and services I offer are used to heal the physical and energetic body, to restore and bring balance back into alignment.  Creating an allowance for the body to heal and harmonize itself more efficiently.  This energy work benefits in clearing blocks and interference that are disrupting.  Many of these disruptive agents are toxic and lifeless foods, environmental toxins, parasites, viral infections, medications, misguided energies, abuse, PTSD, addictions and negative thought patters.   I hold the container for a safe and sacred healing space for healing, awareness and consciousness expansion.

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

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