An intensive body and mind mapping system, diagrammed in such a way to pin point the exact location of the problem

The Body & Emotion Code - Certified -Dr. Bradley Nelson

The Body Code™ System

All health issues fall under 6 categories of imbalances in the Body Code™ System:  Energies, Toxicity, Circuitry, Pathogens, Structural & Nutritional. 

Using muscle testing and the mind-mapping system I ask the subconscious mind (90-95% of who we really are) where these issues are and remove the imbalances from the body.  This can create healthier relationships, allow more money to be received, produces better quality of health and life.  It also will remove emotional pain and prosperity blocks.  This system gets to the root of the problem and removes the underlying cause so your problems, whatever they are, can go away!  

This can be done remotely or in person.

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--$30 per 20 minutes

--$75 pkg of 3  per 20 minutes

Snippet of Info

You can choose to work on a particular underlying issue, a health challenge, an emotional issue, lack of abundance or self-sabotage , or a ask what is standing my way of _____________________?

Everything is energy.  The subconscious mind leads us on the right path to clearing and discovery. Clearing away the hidden energies and allowing for a clear and more abundance in your life path. 

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 "The animal body/code has helped us so much!!!  We've figured things out from anxiety issues, to what different food to buy-because of food issues, we've had questions answered that our animals just couldn't tell us!  Which dramatically impacted our lives, we went from having problem dogs, to knowing what works and what doesn't.  This changed them into almost a perfect animal!"  -  Brookelynn M

 "His teacher told his Mom he had an amazing week!  He seemed more focused and kept his hands to himself (Mom: He invades personal space when he's excited)  Yay!!!"  -  Jacoby G