crystal grid used for; manifestation, healing, protection, peace, love, harmony, abundance.

Personalized Reiki Charged Crystal Grid

Crystal Grids

The word crystal comes from the Greek word “krystallos”, meaning frozen light.  

If crystals have the ability to transform the energy used in computer chips, then they also have the ability to transform energy in other ways.   Crystals can both store and recover information. Crystal grids can be more powerful than just one crystal.  

I charge your customized grid with Reiki and specific crystals based on their amplifications of energies they provide, along with colors, sound, light, manifestation/prayer note, geometric patters and fire.

The result of charging this grid with Reiki, as well as, a Synergy Sensations Crystal Smudge Spray, and intention, brings to the client their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing they desire.

--$70 per month

 Distant Reiki/Crystal Grid Healing

  • --ask for pricing 
  • Couples/Homes/Animals/Abundance/Healing/etc.

(charging will be performed every week, adjustments to the grid made when necessary-

based on the clients needs and progress)

Snippet of Info

Crystal Grids are potent ways to harness the Universal Life Force to set your  your divine path and intentions in motion.

Testimony: Launie B

"I want to particularly Thank Jenny for doing for me is my Crystal Grid.  The art of the grid was powerful, energetic, healing & so helpful.  It was an affirmation to me that I truly am a good & deserving person & can do & be the person I aspire to be & to believe in myself (yes, life-changing). "