Sacred Crystal Smudge Sprays

Why use crystal smudge sprays?

 Thank you for asking!  

Well, because it's a safer, simpler and a much cleaner alternative to the traditional burning of sage.  Not to mention the potency of these sprays is dynamic and intensely transformational.

Formulating these crystal sprays allows me to layer in multiple high vibrational energies.

Utilizing water from sacred sites, powerful herbs, crystal essences and crystal water, flower tinctures, essential oils, sacred geometry, lunar and solar energies, Reiki, along with intention. 

Whoa---those are extremely powerful elements.... all in one spray!


Crystal Smudge Spray Uses:

  • Negative energies
  • Raise vibrational energies
  • Aura clearing
  • Car/office/apartment/home/classroom/nursery/play area/outdoors
  • Emotional & physical health and vibrations
  • Creating sacred space and healing space
  • Use in-between healing sessions
  • Use before visualization or meditation exercises
  • Before and after gatherings and events
  • Cleansing (most crystals) and restoring them back to their dominant oscillary rate
  • Over the bathtub or in the shower
  • Before bedtime
  • ANYTIME....

Ceremonial Processes Performed:

  •  Use of powerful celestial events to infuse ingredients
  • Numerology system
  • Astrological system
  • Prana from Moon & Sun
  • Copper pyramid (conductor & amplifier)
  • Alignment with Mother Earth's magnetic pole
  • Flower of Life grid, surrounding with multiple crystals
  • Reiki energies infused 
  • Intentions created and infused
  • Incense, candles & high vibration music used to assist and enhance vibration

Crystal Smudge Sprays - purchase link below

Awakening & Enlightenment Spray


Ingredients:  Tanzanite elixir, Lemurian elixir, Amethyst elixir, distilled water, witch hazel extract, grapefruit seed oil-preservative, CPTG Frankincense essential oil.  Quartz nugget & Amethyst nugget  ($22+shipping)

Balance Spray


Ingredients:  Glacier water (hand collected), Sodalite elixir, Lithium elixir, Lemurian elixir, Marshmellow root tincture, Pink Rose tincture, CPTG Balance essential oil, witch hazel oil, distilled water, grapefruit seed oil-preservative.  Rose Quartz nugget & Clear Quartz nugget  ($22+shipping)

Calling all Angels Spray


Ingredients:  Glacier water (hand collected), Smokey Elestial quartz elixir, Danburite elixir, Angelite elixir, Pink Rose tincture, Angelica Root tincture, witch hazel oil, distilled water, grapefruit seed oil-preservative, Blue Lotus oil, CPTG Lavender essential oil.  Quartz nugget & Danburite nugget  ($22+shipping)

Grounding/Transmute Energy Spray


Ingredients:  Smokey Quartz elixir, Moldevite elixir, Tourmaline elixir, Angelica Root tincture, distilled water, grapefruit seed oil-preservative, witch hazel extract, CPTG On Guard essential oil.  Cedar leaf, Quartz nugget & Tourmaline nugget  ($22+shipping)

Heart Centering & Peace Spray


Ingredients:  Quartz elixir, Emerald elixir, Moldavite elixir, Pink Rose tincture, Marshmallow Root tincture, distilled water, witch hazel oil, grapefruit seed oil-preservative, CPTG Peace essential oil.  Rose Quartz nugget & Clear Quartz nugget  ($22+shipping)

Prosperity & Abundance Spray


Ingredients:  Clear Quartz elixir, Citrine elixir, Amethyst elixir, Elder Berry tincture, Lotus Leaf tincture, distilled water, witch hazel oil, grapefruit seed oil-preservative, CPTG Cinnamon essential oil.  Clear Quartz nugget & Amethyst nugget  ($22+shipping)

Weight Loss Spray


Ingredients:  Tigers Eye elixir, Sodalite elixir, Quartz elixir, Lotus Leaf tincture, distilled water, witch hazel oil, grapefruit seed oil-preservative.  Sunstone nugget & Apatite nugget   ($22+shipping) 

Custom Crystal Smudge Spray


Please message me with your Customized blend you would like created for you.   ($28+shipping) 

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