The bringer of HOPE

This anointing oil was channeled while in a Reiki session with a client.  I was shown the image of the roller bottle and channeled from Spirit the herbs, tinctures, oils and crystals that 

were to be placed within.  

This is to bring HOPE , to provide ease through deep sadness, despair, grief and depression through adversity.


Melissa - essential oil; to support faith, and bring comfort.

Elevation - essential oil; to bring joy and optimism.

Rose quartz nuggets; brings unconditional love, tenderness and compassion.

Rosehip oil; vitamin C & A, nourishing, resilience.

Dandelion leaf; to wash away painful memories and thoughts.

Astragalus tincture; to relieve stress, uplift and balance.

Yarrow leaf & flower; bringing love and clarity, to provide EMF protection.

Arnica flower tincture; to unravel shock within the body.

Pink rose flower; to bring peace and gratitude.

Reiki infused.

$15.00 per bottle.


To bring HOPE when the light is dim or non existent.  When times may feel impossible.  Roll this anointing oil upon the skin and receive an instant uplifting, a dramatic change in your bodies vibration system.  Support is here. 


2020 New Year customized reiki Crystal smudge spray

Continuing through 2020 with this customized Reiki crystal smudge spray for The Great Rebirth


This year's energy for 2020 is known as The Great Reset.

Created with the energy and intentions to release and reconstitute your intentions for this 

new year.  

To release worries and any past stories or judgments or misalignment's  that may unintentionally be brought in to this new year.  To allow you to step into your dharma.

Calling in prosperity, abundance and aligned energies for this great reset.


 Snowflake obsidian elixir;  letting go of negativity and negative habits for better clarity

Lithium elixir;  dissolves the past issues

12/12 12:12-Gemini gateway portal elixir water

Marshmallow root elixir; surrendering and relaxing into the present moment

distilled water, witch hazel extract, grapefruit seed oil-preservative, 

CPTG DDR Prime essential oil;  removing stuck energy.  Rebirth-Renewal

 Clear quartz nugget;  attuned to bring in the new and purest high vibration energy

Citrine nugget;  abundance and direction to reset

Rutiliated quartz nugget; bringing spiritual growth, and protection against nay-sayers,  illuminates your soul

I will be taking orders for this Reiki crystal smudge spray.

Message me if your local and would like to pick up the spray, or click on the link for shipment.