The Heart illuminating reiki 02/02/20


The HIR Reiki is a full 2 day immersion

Heart Illuminating Reiki - A Fully Immersive Experience

A transmission of a higher heart awakening vibration channeled.....

The pencil, gently guided by Christ, which created a symbol upon my journal page.  

For many months prior I was seeing this Christ Light source, I had come to trust, to understand and sense this divine presence with me.  

On this day of channeling, I had just completed  my 18 month Sechim Reiki - teacher mastership program.  I was writing in my journal about how far I have traveled in this spiritual world that I never new existed for me years earlier. 

 Not really understanding the purpose of this symbol, I trusted the process of this unveiling I was being led through and guided to interpret. For weeks following that glorious day, I continued to channel more symbols; waking up from lucid dreaming and seeing more, receiving more, understanding more.   I continued to ask Spirit for more direction and understanding.

Within six months time Christ, and the Divine team of light, announced to me the create a new soul frequency attunement course. To attune others, to integrate these symbols and the downloads through an all-immersive soul led experience.  

Whoa, I was thinking - ME?  Like, who am I to actualize this divinely guided course?  Really --- meeee?   Ok, so far, every path Spirit has taken me through and the information that was requested of me - well, I followed, no questions asked! But-now, I was in so much self doubt. I was simply in my 'head' instead of in my heart. Kinda interesting how that was happening, right?  Since this immersive reiki is about the deep dive into and the connection within the pure unconditional heart?!

Multiple months after I was still doing inner shadow work, channeling past lives for clarity and healing.  I was attracting in the classes and teachers that would support me in holding space and honoring this request placed before me.

Bringing you up to speed, two years later and gobs and heaps of hours of healing, setting intentions, meditating, attunements and attainments, I received the name of this fully immersive attunement course: The Heart Illuminating Reiki

So of course this name resonates with all the symbols and channeled information that I was receiving through the years.  This course is focusing on the high heart, receiving within the heart and the full energy field - pure love and light frequencies, then reverberating it back out into the universe.  This HIR  Reiki  course will be, and is now, an immersive, and alchemical course sourced through the pure love and light filled frequency of the One Light and One Source.  To work within the direct frequencies of this attunement through both equal parts of the feminine and the masculine Christ frequencies. 

Recognizing the divine feminine energy is a spiralic language, ever present within the symbols and the sacred Rose. Her qualities have been present the whole time, undetected within my written words but emanating throughout this utopia of love. This alchemical process of connecting within the higher heart, to the truth within and distributing it throughout the macrocosms.  Working with the ascended masters and high counsel to import and activate the unconditional compassion for ONENESS. 

Snippet of Info

This course is a full integration and immersion into the alchemical channeled energies and light codes from the Ascended Masters and Angelic light.    To incorporate, infuse and harmonize the purely high vibrational energies to connect with the higher heart and reaching out being the entirety of the energy body.  

The new earth energies are bringing through support to enhance the pathways to support the body in centering within the sacred light grid of our Earth Mother and connection to the Cosmic grid of light.  While supporting the vital synergies of the pure unconditional energies of love, light and compassion.  

Awakening to, and and clearing out of any distortions, blocks or unawareness around the True Self.  Removing the limiting belief around the receiving of love and the worthiness of love from all places and all aspects in all lifetimes.  

A complete upgrading and attunement of the energetic heart, and all that connects to it and within this space.  It is an immersive activation and a re-patterning of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine consciousness.

Venmo $444 @Jenny-Merkey

Do you hear your heart calling? Are you ready to receive the treasures that are waiting for you?

 A potent, expansive and ever illuminating immersive Reiki course for the mind, body and soul.

Within this love and light course you will travel upon the spiralic heart-illuminating energies.   Clearing your DNA, your cells and traumas, and allowing in accelerated personal transformations.  

This system is based on the energy and essence of LOVE, expanding LOVE, and the Heart centered attunements that will be initiated, for your souls higher evolution. 

This initiation becomes the Higher Heart Energy, the energy that creates a vibrational shift for the energetic healing of the self and others .  This journey will walk you through layers of time, into the multi-dimensional universe, where nothing is linear. Birthing your own energetic signature of radiating Love's light.

Stepping into your sovereign ability to create heaven on earth by embodying these potent  frequencies.  Elevating your vibration towards the unlimited supply of the unconditional love frequency through the Cosmic Heart, the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

HIR Reiki is for everyone...

Within the heart space, the energetic body, and the universe, everyone hold the capacity to receive and offer this sacred high vibrational energy.   EVERYONE!!!!! 🌹


Shared by Whitney:

Jenny is a master at holding space for deep healing that transcends anything I've seen before.  Her natural ability to lovingly nurture the light within, along with the darkness, makes you feel loved and embraced exactly as you are.

She truly brings in an energy that infuses the light and unconditional love of Christ Consciousness into the heart.  While empowering the Spirit as we walk our path on Earth.  It is a blessing to be in the presence of her and all of her creations. 

What is included in this immersive course?

Layered within the dynamics of this integrative course are:

  • Complete healing attunement with the Violet Breath
  • Complete attunement of The HIR Reiki light code symbols while immersed within The Sacred Rose
  • Printed and laminated symbols - for ease & quick reference
  • Class time to perform the HIR Reiki light code symbols
  • Breath exercises
  • Movement exercises into The Heart Illuminating Reiki
  • Learning/Connecting/Attuning crystals
  •  Activation & Creating a Nectar Networking crystal grid  
  • Journeying through multiple customized meditations with sound healing instruments
  • Multiple gift take home that hold the energy and attunements 
  • Channeled full-size customized crystal smudge spray-only available in this course
  • Attuned and pressed keepsake Rose
  • Customized binder
  • Love and labor filled - comprehensive HIR Reiki book 
  • Heart opening and ceremonial rose tea and treats to support the attunement
  • Information and guidance to utilize over 12 sacred light code symbols -with the ability to heal yourself and  others
  • Venmo payments welcome @Jenny-Merkey $444 (payment plans available through booking app on link)

The time has come for you to answer your higher hearts calling to become the carrier and the bearer of the HIR Reiki light codes of the Kryst Consciousness love and light mission.  


evolving symbol attunement

Evolved attunements

A new, and complete, sacred symbol will be channeled in as often as every 8-12 weeks.  The graduates of the HIR attunement course will receive these divinely guided codes at a discounted class rate.

Sacred symbols evolution

As the channel for the HIR attunements I have been shown new and evolving codes downloading.  These symbols will bridge the new energies within.  With the realization that the Christ Consciousness energies of the New Earth are continually developing and evolving, so will these interrelated sacred symbols as well.

What the class provides for you

During an evolved symbol attunement class you will partake in sacred space that will including:

  • A tea ceremony
  • A unity of meditation and sound healing
  • A thorough attunement of the symbol within The Sacred Rose.
  • The symbols will be laminated and available to use in conjunction with the other symbols during your private sessions.

You will be notified via email when the evolved symbol attunement class will take place.

This HIR attunement course is very diverse and continues to unfolding new components and gifts to me.  These downloads are made available in order for me to be the Source's vessel in bringing these offerings through to your transcendent and radiant self.  Such evolution, expansion, love and light waiting for us all.  Thank you for being the seeker and the container of light.  Thank you for sensing within and having the knowing and trust to take this journey with me and Source.

I am honored -  Namaste

Payment Plans are Available

This course values over $2555

My heart and guides are asking me to usher in this immersive course at an energetic exchange rate of only $444

To allow this course to be more comfortable for payment I have created two optional payment plans 

Venmo welcome @Jenny-Merkey ✨🌹

Nature is the gateway to your soul.  

When you step through the gateway - 

your stepping into the unfolding of your soul. 

Whispers, to unfold in your perfect divine way in all ways. Becoming undone by the unfolding. 

An alchemical symbol of the miraculous codes hidden with the rose and within all of nature....