Light & Sound Therapy - Mind's Eye theta technologies

Light & Sound Therapy

There are 50+ sessions available-Relax, Explore, Learn, Change & Energize with powerful expansion options.  Featuring complex light & sound combinations, binaural beats (beta, alpha & theta), overlapping sounds, and other special audio-effects.  

The benefits of light/sound technology creates deeper relaxation states-quickly.   Creative break-through, increase motivation levels, physical goals achieved-increased concentration, shifts your mind to the state where you are most receptive to new information.   The therapeutic use of sounds, vibrations, colored lights, colored cloth and other supporting methods induce change in the body on a physical, emotional and cellular level to help improve chronic symptoms in both adults and children. 

This therapy makes more efficient use of the way your mind & body naturally function.  Over time, you can become so proficient at the skill of reaching deeper states that you will be able to reach them with minimum effort nearly anytime you wish to, with or without the the help of this machine.  

--$25 per session

  • ask for package pricing

Snippets of Info

Imbalances in our body have certain frequencies, and color, sound and light therapies can re-balance these frequencies to restore health and wellness.