The Energy of Romance Using The Body Code System - Certified

Resonating Relationships

The Energy of Romance healing program helps you to identify all the deep seated issues creating subconscious sabotages in your love will open a path to a fulfilling, nurturing, and secure romantic relationship.

This system is designed to remove negative blocks, subliminal programming and old traumas allowing you to shift into a higher vibration state.  Creating the perfect environment for LOVE.  

For many people there are still blocks to creating a relationship that works. Many people grow up with poor role models for love and relating, feel undeserving of love, having poor conflict resolution skills. The resonating relationships program addresses all these areas. 

The first session is an evaluation of where you currently are in your beliefs around love and relationships, gaining clarity with what's important to you in a relationship, how you are currently operating from (connection, isolation, inactivity), looking at energetic cordings to past relationships and so much more. It is very thorough and insightful. This is followed by three sessions which will clear those blockages energetically using the Body Code system.

Note that most people can and do make amazing shifts during these three sessions, sometimes more than this may be required depending on your own circumstances.

  • One in-depth evaluation 
  • Three clearing sessions, customized to your specific needs
  • Emailed session notes


Snippet of Info

Suitable for people currently in a relationship or single and wishing to have a relationship that works. 

This is a healing system utilizing muscle testing, intuition and the information from the client, to remove blocks to love and romance. 

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Releasing trapped emotions, or the correction of any other energetic imbalance using these methods as practiced using the Body Code or the Emotion Code is not a substitute for medical care. This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Information received is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship, nor should it be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare provider, nor is it meant to replace any medical treatments as ordered by any physicians nor any other medical care you have been advised to seek by them. I further understand that these methods are not a replacement for any professional psycho-therapeutic or counseling sessions in the treatment of any mental health issues or disorders. While the Body Code and the Emotion Code have brought great benefits to many people, I am unable to make any claims as to healing or recovery from any illness.