Reading tarot and oracle cards

Tarot / Oracle / Angel Readings - Certified

Tarot and Oracle Readings

Having certified through Biddy Tarot, Doreen Virtue and taken multiple classes with Lindsay Mack, I will use intuitive counsel and create spiritual wellness to assist you on your life's journey.  

Having a vast range of decks to select from to aid you in finding answers and healing for your specific questions with ease.  These cards are tools to promote you on your spiritual guidance, forecasting, meditating, self-empowerment and direction in all areas of your life.  Taking a snapshot at the time of the reading, showing unseen influences, patterns of behaviors, directions, obstacles and strengths.

Intuitive Soul Readings are a committed journey of the spirit.  The deeper and more informative you are, the more intuitive-wisdom and guided you will receive from our time together. I will be advancing you towards the creator of your destiny.

--$30 per 30 minutes ($1.00 per minute)
--Customized Packages offered:

  • Career Direction Guidance
  • Soul Mate/Love Connection
  • Spiritual Guidance Compass
  • New Years Spread
  • Chakra Spread
    • Including the following:
      • Customized worksheets
      • Follow-up card draws 
      • Custom guided meditation 
      • Customized Crystal Smudge Spray
      • --ask for pricing specials

Snippets of Info

Tarot and oracle cards are used as tools for your soul's evolution, effectively releasing any fear and moving out the ego.  

These readings invite a prescriptive medicine for the client on their life's journey.

Tarot Code of Ethics Statement


"If you are looking for help in letting go, new beginnings, forgiveness, opportunity, peace, opening up, believing you can, finding an answer, only to name a few, Jenny is an intuitive master of helping you with these changes!

I am truly grateful for Jenny's talents & gifts that she has & that she takes the time to offer this for people like me who benefit greatly!  I don't know where I would be to this day without the wisdom & help from Jenny!" -  Launie B

 "The card readings are always so amazing, and spot on with every question I've asked.  We've gone through relationships, to a major job change, to family situations and they've always led us in the right path!  It's absolutely incredible how spot on she is with what little information she is given!" - Brookelynn M 

"Thank you so much for this reading.  You were so amazingly accurate after receiving my reading and meditating on what you've said, you're completely right and I feel more healed.  I can't tell you enough how much this has helped me see inwardly of who I am and what I really want.  Again, I cannot thank you enough.  I feel far more sure of myself and my path!"  -  Whitneytheboy

"It is comforting to have support from the tarot since the transformation is huge for me too." - Christel

 "You're compassion and dedication came through in this reading, and I was so thankful."  - Lindsie Cooper

"This was hands down the best reading I have ever received.  Everything you said I felt resonated with me and actually gave me the necessary reassurance that I need in this present moment with my decisions and future outlook.  Great! Thanks again!" - Gina D

"Your true connection with the cards, I felt immediately, and your utmost respect 

you have for the cards as well, it gave me chills, and yet also great comfort!!  You are BLESSED with an incredible gift-please don't ever stop, YOU have so much to give and it's the kind of caring and goodness WE need!!!"  - Lesly Thomson