Launie B

There is no doubt Jenny was sent into my path in life for a reason.  I have untilized Jenny for several of the services she offers.  Each time I am in awe!  I go to Jenny for a place of support, to find comfort, peace & answers.  Even if the answers from Jenny is not what I want, (whatever the will should be shall be) she guided me through it.  

One service I want to particularly Thank Jenny for doing for me is my Crystal Grid.  The art of the grid was powerful, energetic, healing & so helpful.  It was an affirmation to me that I truly am a good & deserving person & can do & be the person I aspire to be & to believe in myself (yes, life-changing).

If you are looking for help in letting go, new beginnings, forgiveness, opportunity, peace, opening up, believing you can, finding an answer, only to name a few, Jenny is an intuitive master of helping you with these changes!

I am truly grateful for Jenny's talents & gifts that she has & that she takes the time to offer this for people like me who benefit greatly!  I don't know where I would be to this day without the wisdom & help from Jenny!

Kathy Rhoades--(68 years young, mother of 8, 22 grandchildren)

I am also a certified crystal healer & I was looking for someone I felt confident in to do work with me.  I found Jenny because she also had studied at the same school that I did.  I was very excited when I was able to find someone local (well 5 hours away local) to have a healing session for myself.

I was at peace as soon as I met her.  She is warm & inviting.  Her spirit is full of light & compassion.  I loved how she talked to me & listened.  The session was beautiful as she invited the peaceful healing energies to be with us both.  Then once again as she gently placed the healing crystal & stones on & around my chakras.  

Then her hands touched my face.  Her Reiki hands were tender, yet powerful, and Icould feel her love & energy touching my cheeks.  I hadn't felt something like that before.  I'm so grateful I was blessed to work with Jenny.  She is knowledgable & confident in her gifts & I felt she genuinely cared about me as she walked with me on my journey to peace & healing.

I continue to reflect often on our time together.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking any of her healing modalities.  Thank you dear Jenny.

Brookelynn M--(24 years old)

I have had so many different things done!  I've had multiple Reiki sessions, card readings, body processes and the animal body/emotion code done on all 3 of my dogs.  I cannot begin to tell you what a world of difference the Reiki sessions do for me.  It's an absolute amazing experience to get to lay on the table and feel all the energy that moves through you, and how differently these sessions can import your life!  It's funny because you go a month or two without having a session and your mood starts to change, and you feel like there is a little something dragging you down.  You go back and have a session done, and you're an entirely new person, and you have no idea why you waited so long! 

The animal body/code has helped us so much!!!  We've figured things out from anxiety issues, to what different food to buy-because of food issues, we've had questions answered that our animals just couldn't tell us!  Which dramatically impacted our lives, we went from having problem dogs, to knowing what works and what doesn't.  This changed them into almost a perfect animal!

The card readings are always so amazing, and spot on with every question I've asked.  We've gone through relationships, to a major job change, to family situations and they've always led us in the right path!  It's absolutely incredible how spot on she is with what little information she is given!

I would highly recommend any of her services, she puts in 120% to make sure you get exactly what you came for!  She is so in-tune with the energy & spirit that even a skeptic would be amazed!

Gracie M--(6 years old)

Written by Gracie's Mom:  my daughter was having issues with me leaving the house, I couldn't even leave without her crying & clinging to me, I knew she needed to see Jenny.  Jenny did a Reiki session to see what was going on.  We found out she had a little boy projecting abandonment onto her, he wanted my daughter to be his little sister.  After a good hour & half Jenny got the little boy to pass on to where he needed to go.  My daughter now sleeps better & I can leave the house without her freaking out.  Jenny is amazing at what she does.  Thank you for helping us out.

Jacoby G--(9 years old)

His teacher told his Mom he had an amazing week!  He seemed more focused and kept his hands to himself (Mom: He invades personal space when he's excited)  Yay!!!

Shay R--(14 years old)

 Reiki was so amazing! I really love this stuff so much, it makes me feel safe and comforted with my level of consciousness.  It makes me feel connected with myself and the Earth, but also unlocks things about myself I didn't even know were there.  Everything was so true and spot on.  I really can't express how much I love this stuff, it's so mysterious and beautiful.  Thank you so much for my experience, I can't say enough. 

Taisha M--(23 years old)

 I cannot begin to say how amazing I feel after I get off the table!  It's so awesome feeling the energies run through my body, & how differently I feel afterwards.  I always know when I need another session; because I won't feel like myself.  With Reiki I am able to learn about my higher-self & feel so many good emotions & feel the energies.  She goes above & beyond with all the things she does.  Every time I get off the table I feel like I'm on cloud 9, & a new person!  I've had so many different modalities done, along with Reiki, the body code, animal body code for both my dogs & emotion code, & also card readings.  She always has the answers & makes sense every time!  It is such an experience every single time & I am able to expand my energy more & more.  I can take in what she tells me! I highly recommend her, she is absolutely the sweetest & is so understanding about everything! 

Rachel S.

Last April, I attended a Reiki training with Jenny, it was very informative and life changing for me.  I have been to many workshops & training's throughout my career as a massage therapist & yoga instructor, this training was by far my favorite.  It was held in a relaxed environment, making it very comfortable & easy to learn in.  The class was very thorough & very informative.  I am very excited to take another Reiki class with Jenny-to level up.  My children & I have also had many Body/Emotion  code treatments from Jenny, which have been extremely helpful in our health & healing.

Lesly Thomson-Tarot/Oracle Reading

Ok, WOW!  I don't even know where to begin?  That was amazing! TRULY! You were spot on with ALL of it!!  I can not express my gratitude for your kindness from the beginning and all the way through, your empathy and knowledge made my apprehension disappear!! Thank YOU so so much for that!!  Also, your true connection with the cards, I felt immediately, and your utmost respect 

you have for the cards as well, it gave me chills, and yet also great comfort!! I felt NO doubt whatsoever I could receive any outcome and would be able to handle it, as well as, accept it.  You are BLESSED with an incredible gift-please don't ever stop, YOU have so much to give and it's the kind of caring and goodness WE need!!! AGAIN thank you!!! With my most sincerest gratitude I thank you, Blessed Be!!

Whitneytheboy-Tarot/Oracle Reading

Thank you so much for this reading.  You were so amazingly accurate after receiving my reading and meditating on what you've said, you're completely right and I feel more healed.  I can't tell you enough how much this has helped me see inwardly of who I am and what I really want.  Again, I cannot thank you enough.  I feel far more sure of myself and my path!

Gina D-Tarot/Oracle Reading

Thank you for taking the time to do a reading for me.  This was hands down the best reading I have ever received.  Everything you said I felt resonated with me and actually gave me the necessary reassurance that I need in this present moment with my decisions and future outlook.  Great! Thanks again!

Christel-Tarot/Oracle Reading

Hi Jenny!  I wanted to thank you sincerely! There were many points in my reading where my intuition somehow felt the same way.  So now your reading is kind of a confirmation. What was surprising was there were people who I did not recognize at first in the reading.  But I have been thinking about them a lot and finally understand who is who.  It is comforting to have support from the tarot since the transformation is huge for me too. But, I have to say-I am ready. Thank you so much and hope there is lot of people who need your help. This is a very needful area and you are very good at it.  With best regards! Christel

Lindsie Copper-Tarot/Oracle Reading

Hi there!I was impressed with how thorough and kind her reading was. I felt like you spent a lot of time mulling over my question, and the detail is evident in your reading. You're compassion and dedication came through in this reading, and I was so thankful. I especially appreciated the custom Scales of Justice spread you made for me-Thank you so much for this reading!